“Changed the locale for this scene to the marketplace. Erica and I decided we need to establish that their gear is getting repaired at SOME point. -Phil Kahn 4/13/10 12:43 PM”

Script had Syr’Nj getting more frustrated with Frigg, which would have better set up later scenes in this chapter but perhaps been unrealistic, given how good she was feeling after getting Peacemaker status.

If you’re going to be strict about this sort of thing, the lyrics of “Colors of the Wind” must be coming from the same sort of pop-cultural unconscious that informs some of Frigg’s more anachronistic insults, which only the tube-linked characters can access.

I had “beer just tastes like char,” because that’s pretty much been my beer experience. It’s an acquired taste, I know, but not one I really care to acquire after trying the stuff in my parents’ fridge.