We didn’t do much “refusal of the call” in our heroes’ initial heroic journeys. Pretty much all of them knew what they wanted to do and be from the moment we first saw them, except Best, who accepted his “call” almost immediately. So we’ve got one here in miniature.

It may feel a bit off for these all-around good guys to resist going to help a woman in trouble, even if she’s no longer their ally. But anything that could overcome Frigg is not gonna be some easy side job: for all they know, it could occupy them for weeks. And do remember what they’ve only just gained and stand to lose: Byron the kind of steady employment he’s clearly struggling without, Gravedust his only real prospect of securing reparations for his people.

One bit I’m a little sorry we lost: in an earlier draft, Gravedust responds to Syr’Nj’s evidence with “Hmmm,” and Syr’Nj cocks an eyebrow and echoes him. She’s already learning what his nonverbalisms mean: skepticism, in this case.