During this period, we were getting a lot of attention from World of Warcraft-focused blogs that were able to pick out our main influence without much effort. We’d done our best to foster this. Most of those blogs, I find now, are sadly no longer with us: this image is from archive.org.

Erica was gradually taking more and more liberties with the breakdown of the action as her run on the series advanced. I usually liked the results at least as well as what we had originally, and she wasn’t the first artist I worked with who reworked pacing as she saw fit, so I was generally cool with that.

What I had here originally was a four-panel sequence, and Gravedust’s words in panel 3 would’ve accompanied an image of Byron’s uncomfortable face, maybe with Gravedust off-panel altogether, as well as Byron’s “are we pals?” response. Erica stretched that into four panels all on its own, giving us a lot more of an awkward pause.