This feels in character for Syr’Nj-as-we-know-her after her first real adventure, once all the life-threatening stuff is over and before the pressure of making her dreams reality begins to weigh on her. But it also feels like the last remnant of our earliest concepts of her, which were more bubbly than serious and methodical. Here’s a couple of snippets from Phil’s “Relationships” document that shows you what I’m talking about:

Syr’Nj on Gravedust – Aw, he’s a little grumpy but he just needs a little help grabbing hold of that sunshine! He hangs out with dead people all day, I mean, what ELSE would you expect? He’s really smart, too, and can usually keep up with me except when I get really technical, but it can’t be helped. He’s my buddy in the back! ^_^

Syr’Nj on Best – Oh gawd I know he’s Sky but he makes us elves look SOOOOOO BAAAAD on the whole! He’s just the PERFECT STEREOTYPE of SUPERIORITY and EGOMANIA and INTOLERANCE and all that stupid stuff that I hate so so much! UGGGGGH. I wish he’d just go away forever T_T