Penk lists the others’ names in order of seniority–which here means how long they’ve been representing their people, whether they did it on the War Council, were Heads of Houses, or made their “debuts” here. Gondolessa was allied with Harky first, followed by Gobligno; then Reynolds and then Syr’Nj joined the Heads of Houses; next, Gravedust and Groff succeeded their predecessors on the council. After the war finished, Byron was appointed governor of humans for reasons we’ll get into; and finally, the sky elves (and shit elves) realized Clair was the only choice to lead them through this phase.

We almost went with “Governor Byron” on the theory that Byron’s punnish last name might be too distracting. I don’t know what I was worried about.

From Heads of Houses to race-leaders. With the exception of Syr’Nj, everyone here is not only representing but also commanding their own faction, and Syr’Nj is next in line, so close enough.

Penk’s last line is partly inspired by the first thing Big Boss Harky ever said to him. “Help me greet another day…” is a strange hello, an odd mix of command and humility. It’s an imperative, yet a statement that the Big Boss would welcome help, whereas some authorities on high would disdain such help.

FB: Sir Groff’s thinking, “Oh, Gods, why didn’t he list his own name with everybody else’s?? I want to say it’s Big Boss Pink or Big Boss Punk, but BOTH OF THOSE SOUND WRONG!”