FB: You only get one free “throw-their-own-words-back-in-their-face moment” per year of a marriage, so spend it wisely.

Ohhh, the “lasts” are starting to pile up now. Here’s the last spoken dialogue from Syr’Nj, the last appearance of Gondolessa, the last appearance of Bandit and her band. And last page was the last appearance of Jemmington! Poor soul, we hardly knew ye.

Bandit’s position is unfortunate, maybe, but understandable…and more reasonable than what others would do in her circumstances. Like, there are fantasy villains with similar origin stories, and Bandit ain’t going down that road. She may believe Byron shouldn’t be alive, but she’s not going to devote any energy to correcting that oversight, nor will she seek any revenge on those who call him friend. She’s not even going to start more yelling arguments about it—she probably knows Reynolds is on a council with Byr’Nj, but as long as he doesn’t talk about them too much with her, that’s his business. She’s moving forward, not back.

Byron tugs at Syr’Nj to let her part of the feud go. It does sit a bit awkwardly with her life of diplomacy that she’s got this one person’s number blocked. As with Naror’Nj, her political skills can break down when things get really personal. What she says in response is as conciliatory as it could be, and the way it rhymes with Bandit’s new day makes it feel like “agreeing to disagree.” They do indeed have different paths to walk. Syr’Nj has been an outlaw, but she does her best work within systems; Bandit’s been within systems but never comfortably.

As for whether those paths might ever converge again, in a changing world…for me personally, the story is better if they don’t, but I get why others feel differently. So I won’t give any canonical answer. You gotta know when to walk away.