Is Frigg’s mace actually crappy? Probably not, considering how much she puts it through and the “faith” she’s later shown to put in it. I think it’s more likely it’s just not the kind of thing that fetches much of a price.

In other circumstances, it might’ve read as “too easy” to put Frigg’s armor and weapons so close to where prisoners were kept, but I could see Scarlett torturing her by keeping them within sight. “Just break loose and take them, whelp. Well?” Perhaps she plans to have Frigg smelt them herself once Blood-Bonded.

It’s funny– this split has a lot of things in common with the pirate ship sequence, including the girls going into a darkened prison area to set someone free while Byron and Gravedust prepare an attack on the big boss and stumble into a surprise. But I don’t recall this one confusing people nearly so much with regard to where everyone was.