So that’s what we needed to establish that three-armed eye for! And sooo glad we were able to get that “limbs” wordplay in there.

In the first draft, Byron’s sour reaction to his prophecy was the skeptic’s usual line about fortune-tellers: “oh, come on: that’s so vague it could be anything!” But actually, Tom’s being pretty concrete where Byron is concerned, even though Syr’Nj is the one asking the more pointed questions. Byron’s resistance to being involved with anything like an “army” will melt away as his character develops. Even being Guildmaster involves a lot of the same responsibilities. At this point, one thing we knew about the climax was that several members would be commanding armies and leading them against our Big Bad.

Byron and Syr’Nj won’t spend much time dwelling on these prophecies until they are to meet Brother Tom’s forces again. They’re more make-the-future-happen types.