“…without him knowing the source, that is, assuming someone didn’t sign their warning to him using their given name and an emoji self-portrait.”

“…discovered a stronger cultist presence than we previously knew of, which wasn’t technically one of your assignments, but let’s pretend that it was so you feel a little better about getting your MINDS VIOLATED during your first day off duty.”

“…from having to find your replacements. I mean, fighters are pretty common, and I have some thieves in jail who’d love to trade Peacemaker work for a pardon. And… um… I could definitely have replaced Gravedust too, and found some other dwarf of political standing just as I was preparing to send you to broker peace with the Savasi. Yeah, I could absolutely do that and this isn’t a transparent bluff at all. But, y’know, it’d be a hassle, so thanks.”