Phil was somewhat restless about the confusion we had sown with the flash-forwards of the last six chapters and viewed this journaling by Gravedust as an opportunity to put everything in its proper order. The battle on the first few pages of Chapter 1 took place not long after Frigg’s rescue, and then each of the flash-forwards took place in sequence after that.

We did not use the Countless-Limbs symbol in the cult’s original appearance (or even call them “the Order of the Countless Limbs”) but we had to give them a symbol here because of events later in the chapter. Phil instructed Erica to “Think something along the lines of the Hydra logo of Marvel Comics, but more Cthulhu-driven in design (they are, after all, worshipers of Old Gods).”

Cut-off text as originally scripted: “Either way, it is certainly better than having an ancient fire-god running rampant across the Nestled Isles. That strikes me as a much more difficult problem to deal with…

What is their goal? They seem to have none other than sowing chaos for its own sake. This is a dangerous prospect, for sure, although their defeat and demeanor were equally absurd during the operation. It is hard to take them seriously, and yet we must.”