Merry Christmas! Have a Byr’Nj.

As we join these two, Syr is still riding high after her fairly fulsome praise from Ardaic.

Unintentional double entendre aside, Syr’Nj’s perception of Byron as a “buffer” against open displays of racism is pretty much right on the money, though a male elf with a human girlfriend might encounter a different reaction (“What’s the matter, honey, don’t you want a REAL man?”).

Much like the “flooding prison incident” and the vision of our heroes it signified, the “flirt-blush” bit seen here was getting one more appearance because we knew it was coming to the end of its useful life. Make sure you drink the last of that milk before the expiration date!

Byron has sexual experience and definitely has experience with people thinking he’s handsome and strong-looking. As Phil pointed out, what rattles him is Syr’Nj’s confidence that she can rely on him. The reason that sends him into a tailspin of anxiety will become apparent in this chapter and more so in the next.