Some guessed Byron would come back berserking, but no one guessed when.

I was a bit surprised by that, but more surprised that no nitpickers pointed out that removing an arrowhead can do more damage to the body than leaving it in until it can be treated properly, and the same applies to a spear. But Syr’Nj does have healing serums more puissant than anything we’ve got in our world, so trying to remove the spear is a little more sensible in her case, albeit futile.

Syr feels too strongly for Byron not to try, but her military training kicks in once it’s inarguable that he’s gone. Mourning will be for later, if there is a later. Right now, packing those emotions away is her best shot at survival.

At least the last words she said directly to him hinted at her blossoming feelings of affection and weren’t some kind of insult she’d forever regret and might even consider the indirect cause of his demise. Then she’d REALLY be a basket case!