Happy… Valentine’s Day?

Man, Phil and John are just killing it here. This is all about the visual storytelling, and any play-by-play I could give would be superfluous.

After Byron fought past the berserker spell once in Chapter 7, it’s reasonable for Syr’Nj to hope, however desperately, that he might do so again. At this point, it would be reasonable for the reader to expect Syr’Nj dying at Byron’s hand, and the still-established pattern that chapters ended at page 24 might’ve reinforced that expectation.

Instead, as the page ends, everyone is down or dead but the healer. Because of the healer’s usual role, that does mean there’s the slight hint of hope. Maybe Syr’Nj gave Byron not only sleeping potion, but Potion of Seeming Death, like in Romeo and Juliet? If she doses herself with the same before the archers start firing, maybe she could survive. And maybe one of her serums is even a Potion of Death-Reversing–

Tomorrow: No.