I feel like John’s art gets more emotionally engaged here, now that he’s drawing some things for the second time and we get to focus more on close-ups and expressions. What I mean to say is that I think the nature of the page affected John’s own emotional involvement and that got reflected back into the work, even when we did more long shots on the next page.

When we learn Iver’s backstory, it will make Gravedust seem a little naive for treating Iver as an almost-friend here, but we all have to rely on societal norms sometimes if society is to mean anything, and to commit actual violence against a mystic was almost unthinkable in Savasi culture until Iver thought it.

Phil and I had a little debate over when all this was taking place, day or night (and how far apart in time it was from what the other four Peacemakers were doing) which turned into the “encroaching nightfall lighting” that runs through this scene and into the next. It was an example of us pushing and pulling an aspect of the story till we ended up with something better than either of our ideas were at first.