I don’t honestly know how subtle Best’s lyrics are, but ICYMI, it’s “too late” for the land sharks because they’ve chosen a life-or-death battle with a HERO OF DESTINY. That destiny means his survival is foreordained. Only he or they can survive. So their doom is foreordained. QED. I do envy his confidence, though even at this point, we knew that confidence wouldn’t last forever.

Hey, if you’re surrounded by primo meat, you may as well eat some of it, and you don’t know where that shark meat has been. But the performative nature of Best’s “grief” probably speaks for itself.

We didn’t show any more bawkbagoks after this. Would’ve been good, maybe, to imply that they were an extravagant kind of mount with a land speed that reserved them for the rich or (in Best’s case) those favored by the rich. The way the golden feathers echo Best’s colors is nice, though.