A picture of Daniel and his relationship with E-Merl is beginning to emerge here. He’s not the smoothest fellow ever, but he’s definitely less awkward than his avatar, less inclined to wear his heart on his sleeve (“I think it’s a little late for me to do the bit where I pretend I don’t care,” E-Merl once said). But his invitation to let Lia wear his heart has not gone unnoticed. He downplays it as much as possible, not wanting to put her on the spot. But she knows him, and men, too well to miss this signal.

I think that in Daniel’s eyes, E-Merl is a representation of who he was when he was younger, too: insecure emotionally and probably financially. Now he’s secure enough that he can laugh at who he used to be and throw some money to artisan friends when he wants, something my wife enjoys doing too.

Looks like the metalworker used our archive button for reference.