I’m on pretty good terms with most of my exes, and lucky enough that I didn’t fall into any really bad long-term relationships (or ltr’s, in Kaye’s parlance). But I did have brief involvements with a couple of people whose minds turned out to be… at right angles to my reality. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I remember where I was when the Mayapocalypse was scheduled to happen: we were at my uncle’s house, gearing up for a Christmas celebration, and I was looking at planking pics and surrounded by people I loved. I never put any stock in it, but I do remember thinking, Hey, if the world ends, there are worse ways I could be experiencing its last few moments.

Considering Roger thought Lia was hellbound, it’s pretty likely he’s the scarring, soul-sucking relationship she referred to earlier. And remember, this story came out in 2014, so their split would’ve been about two years prior. This story-length dis of him and his shit-ass views is a good sign and a part of Lia’s healing process. She may not be done with relationships, as she once thought she was, but a period of psychological recovery is important before starting any new–

Wait, Daniel has a 401(k)? Lia, lock that shit down immediately