Holy HELL. Look what John. DID. WITH THIS.

Although I enjoy writing metered verse, it sure is time-consuming, a lesson I re-learn every time I take on a new project that involves it. As it happened, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to spare: I had just taken a temp job at a music warehouse, pulling items off the shelves and getting them wrapped up for Christmas delivery. As Christmas approached, the hours got longer, more grueling, and more lucrative, and I was not in a position to refuse any work, especially since the warehouse had announced it would be hiring its hardest, best workers for permanent gigs.

So most of what you’re seeing here (and for the next five or so installments) was composed in hour-long increments, between the departure of my goddaughter for school and my own departure for another nine-to-twelve-hour day. So please be kind. :-)