This was an attempt to resolve the conflicting perspectives Phil and I had about Bandit the honest gnomish thief (“THIEF, Phil!” “HONEST, T!”), and I think it was moderately successful. She’s able to resist the impulse, for the most part, when she has the excitement of adventure and the acceptance of “fambly” who know what she is. These feelings are like NutraSweet to her klepto’s sugar.

But if she lost one or the other of them… or relaxed her vigilance enough that she slipped back into stealing anyway and her friends no longer felt she was reliable to adventure with… well, what then? These are the kind of worries that nip at her heels.

E-Merl is already pretty fond of the pipe Byron got him and how it makes him look like one of those rich guys if you kinda squint at the rest of him. Just as well he won’t be taking up smoking for long, though, what with all the cardio he has to do while fighting and running away.

I don’t think we ever nailed down what Bandit got Byron, what Gravedust got Rachel, what Scipio got Syr’Nj, or what Syr’Nj got Bandit (assuming Syr’Nj participated even that much). Fill in your own blanks there!