In Letus’s mild defense, commanding the army is his job and treating the wounded is Syr’Nj’s, and even if you think your commanding officer’s an idiot and get off a lucky shot that changes the outcome of the battle, that doesn’t give you the right to take over.

Maybe if Letus were the sort of commander who was far away from the fighting and just giving them a set of orders to follow, Syr’Nj could justify a takeover with “he couldn’t have anticipated this opportunity,” but he’s in the thick of things and has paid for it with a nasty wound.

The narrative is (I hope) clearly more on Syr’Nj’s side than not, but I didn’t want things totally one-sided. Letus is small-minded and bad at generalship, but Syr’Nj is a naive youth following the rules of a Raelian geniocracy no one else recognizes.