Since most of you have likely not read this story, my comments here should be more circumspect, but I think you know what this item is. This will not be the “long and unpleasant story” of where the bag was acquired that Syr’Nj once mentioned, but by the end of it, you should have a good idea why we chose this item to represent it.

We put this story onto Guilded Age Plus around the time we were bringing in the second wave of Peacemakers (Rachel, Scipio, E-Merl), so the main feature was getting crowded, and it was useful, at least for us, to be able to focus on Syr’Nj’s history without juggling three to eight other characters in the background.

Kel Mcdonald had been a respected peer of mine for quite a while and working with her was a bucket list item. I’m glad we got to do this before our tightening budget made paying for this kind of subscribers-only story less feasible.