We’ve broken $15k, and now it’s time to unveil our Tertiary Stretch Goals for the final push! More detailed post to come later today, but here’s the basic rundown…

All money past our $15k goal (thank you EVERYONE who help us get there!) is going towards covering Kickstarter usage fees, taxes, and paying the voice actors and other crew members of the animation. The personal benefits you will receive for achieving these tier unlocks are as follows:

$16,000 – T and I will each write a Guilded Age short story starring the characters of the backers’ choosing!
$17,000 – We will produce a bonus an 8-page bonus comic that will be posted on the main Guilded Age site as well as Guilded Age Plus (with commentary)!
$18,000 – We will update SIX times a week for a whole year with a new feature we’ve been wanting to try out called “Ask an Adventurer” where, as you may have guessed, the characters of Guilded Age read and answer questions from the audience!
$19,000 – We will produce a 24-page illustrated eBook for all backers titled, “Byron the Berskerker’s Guide to Efficient Ass-Kickery,” a handy-dandy handbook to help you survive any desperate adventuring peril!
$20,000 – We will steamroll straight forward and produce GUILDED AGE VOLUME 3, which all backers of $65+ will receive a copy of!

That’s right, folks. You heard us. Get us to two times our goal and you’ll get TWO TIMES THE BOOK.

So if that’s something you want, get your friends to pledge, spread the word, avail yourself of our add-on rewards, do whatever it takes! We’d love nothing more than to get you the next book a year ahead of schedule!