That’s it for Chapter 33, Guildies! With a new(?) sinister face coming to wreak havoc on our heroes, a beast on the loose and JJ hot on Shanna’s heels, the next three chapters are going to, hopefully, blow you guys away.

To that end, we’re taking a short break before we start in on all that action. Monday is labor day, and as such, the anniversary of Guilded Age’s conception. So expect a brand new Adventurers Illustrated and a Q & A day for all us here on Team GA!

Following that, we’ve got… a weird little experiment I guess? I don’t know! In function, we’re doing our own guest comics for that week, with an interesting medium that I got to play with. And if you guys like the results, we COULD be coerced into making them a regular Sunday feature.

Who knows what the future holds??

Oh. Right. All those things we just told you. OK then.

See you Monday, gang. Enjoy your weekend!