Hey, guildies! Do you want to see Guilded Age books on your local comic shop shelves? Don’t have your copies yet and want to support said LCS? Well now you’re in luck! This is the LAST TIME we’ll be in Diamond’s Comics Catalog and so this will probably the last chance we’ll have to put our badass books in the hands of retailers nationwide. IDK, that’s kind of a big deal to us!

Anyway, just present code STL045199 for Volume 3, and/or code STK459432 for Volumes 1 and 2 to your friendly neighborhood comic dealer, tell them how dope we are, and get them to put us on the shelf! Ordering your books through your local shop is good for us and them, it keeps the independent comics economy thriving! And that is DEFINITELY a big deal.

Don’t know where to go? Want to find more shops in your area to help spread the word? Use comicshoplocator.com to find more destinations! Or, y’know, Google probably works, too!

As always, thanks for reading the comic. Honestly, with all this promotion lately, sometimes I feel like I’m turning in a lot of extra credit assignments right before the final exam to eke out a B-. But hey, you can’t go out with a bang if you don’t try to explode! Or something!