Thaaaaaaat’s right, Guildies, it’s G-Day! What does G-Day mean?

Well, in the spirit of all things MMO, we are now bringing you Guilded Age’s first Expansion Pack. What’s in Guilded Age 2.0? Well here’s a few things to start you off with:

A leaner, streamlined site interface with expanded room for comments! We love you guys so much that we decided you would enjoy this extra room to stretch out in, with less klutter and more fiber. And speaking of expanded discussion…

A Forum in The Tea Room! That’s right, Guilded Age now has a forum, primed for extended discussion and image macro propagation.

And here’s the big one:

Guilded Age Plus! We’re launching a members-only subscription section with exclusive content including: Bonus Comics, Concept Art Saturdays, and annotated chapters with writer commentary, page art breakdowns, and high resolution viewing! Go to the Guilded Age Plus sign-up page to get in on the goods!

That’s just the opening salvo! In true MMO fashion, it will take all damn day for the whole thing to update, so stay tuned! We’ll have more goodies as they come.

Chapter 10 begins on Friday, and as always, thank you for reading Guilded Age. This strip’s just getting warmed up.