Now this one, on the other hand, strikes me as golden. It’s from a time in the ‘Nj sisters’ lives a year or two before “Woodreads,” when they were starting to develop separate interests but were still very much two peas in a pod (har).

Despite how different those interests were and the traditional magic-versus-science feud, I always got the sense that Fr’Nj had no problem with her sister taking the path she did. Syr’Nj had a little more disrespect for Fr’Nj when we first saw them, some big-sisterly condescension that probably carried over from their adolescences (“Oh, the animals ‘talk to you’? That’s… cute”). Despite a couple of bumps, their overall relationship and Syr’Nj’s respect for Fr’Nj gradually improve over the course of the series.

But sometimes all you need is to see kids bein’ cute kids.

Jennifer Zyren Smith has completed an epic-length comic of her own, Lasalle’s Legacy.