I had a particular approach to guest strips when I composed them. I preferred building up elaborate storylines that could have been accepted into the series’ official canon and occasionally were. (Y’all might be particularly interested in this one, which saw contributions from both of Guilded Age‘s most regular artists.)

My approach was something of an outlier. Most guest comics tended to be short and purely humorous instead of larger and seriocomic. But this strip from Jason “Not Waltrip” Meador feels like an installment of the kind of guest storyline I would do.

This really could have happened sometime around the Flooding Prison Incident. It wouldn’t even mess with the surprise in Chapter 8. Syr’Nj would have worried about this but resisted the worst-case explanation for it, and Frigg, at this point, had never met a dire portent she couldn’t ignore (except for the words “Priestlord Gigundus,” I guess).

Meador had no special knowledge about forthcoming developments; he just guessed right.