I’m not sure what if anything Seb Tourenne’s been up to lately. He seems to have left Twitter in its early days and didn’t put anything on DeviantArt after his work for us. I’ve sent him a friend request on Facebook, but that was a while back.

This is a good strip with a lot of fun callbacks in a relatively short space, and Seb had a good handle on colorful fantasy art. He was the other major candidate to take over the strip when Erica left, and I have no regrets about John, but I do wonder how Seb would’ve done.

As his alt text shows, Phil was more into the Syr’gg shipping than I was (I can’t very well call it “Fr’Nj shipping”). My feeling was that I’d done the whole “sparring partners who sublimate sexual passion” thing with Penny and Aggie and less prominently with Fans, and I wasn’t terribly eager to go right back down that road. But fan hearts want what they want, y’know?