Today’s final installment in our Fillerama Guestathon is provided by Angry Buddha and Chibi X, who provide their own unique take on the shift in artist duties. Unrelated? Commentary? YOU DECIDE.

Ultimately, we lol’d hard and hope you guys do also.

John is scheduled to officially take over on Monday. I’d like to take a moment and thank all of the awesome people who contributed to help us fill the time in-between and all of the amazing people who tried out for regular artist duties. We hate to say no to so many people (actually, T hates saying no, I fucking love to), but there can only be one. It means a lot to us that you all love Guilded Age enough to do all you’ve done so far. I’m no prophet, but I think when Guilded Age reaches its conclusion a few years down the road, we’ll have something in our hands that’s truly magical. And you guys are a big part of that.

So thanks for contributing, thanks for auditioning, thanks for promoting, and above all else – thanks for reading.

On Monday, we resume Chapter 8: Races Against Time. No spoilers, but this is unequivocally our most ambitious chapter yet, and will shake the foundations of Guilded Age to its very core. We hope you guys will enjoy it. And if you do, please continue to spread the word. There’s no better advertisement than a recommendation from a friend.