Guest Week 2013 comes to a close with the FINAL FANARTS OF FULTIMATE FESTINY.

Look, I’m composing this post knee-deep in con prep, just go with it.

First up, Aviv Itzcovitz of Stupid Snake gives us a very powerful-looking Frigg with her Glowy Hammershit Fists, presumably harkening back to Chapter 16 and her training with Rachel. The lighting effect here is as killer as Frigg herself is. Good show, and thank you!

Second, we have Syr’Nj slingin’ syringe on the sly (say that shit five times fast), courtesy of rising Webcomics superstar Alex Heberling of the post-apocalyptic magickal girl troupe comic (God I WISH I was the one who came up with that), The Hues! Definitely check it out, it’s gorgeous and the story has me hooked already. And now she’s makin’ me wax nostalgic for Syr’Nj’s adventurin’ days. BUT NO, POLITICS.

Finally, we have this badass-lookin’ fierce and gritty Frigg in mid skull-splatter that just gets my BLOOD PUMPIN’ and ready for Frigg to take on more petulant dickwads! I’m also in love with how he captured the girt of her well-worn armor and weapons. This was graciously handed in by new Philly local Peet of My Poor Wife, a comic that belongs in the RSS feeds of anyone like us who enjoys romance of the entirely batshit variety! Thanks, Peet! See you at the next Drink & Draw? (Mike, you in?)

Chapter 26 begins tomorrow with new comment avatars and DLC and all that shit! See you then!