We’ve got a special treat for you today, Guildies! The awesome dudes over at Slackjaw: The Working Dead came up to us with an odd yet appealing proposition this past Intervention. You can imagine my disappointment when it was an artistic proposition as opposed to… well, anyway, T and them came up with the idea during the Innovation in Webcomics panel and later began to produce an interactive flash comic for Guilded Age using their magickal (and patent-pending) Slackjawnification Process. I was skeptical at first, being spurned in the past by so many horrible “motion comics” (we’re looking at you, Watchmen Motion Comic), but after seeing their own work, I was happy to give them the chance. A couple months later, they delivered us this awesome flash comic with interactive bits that serve to add lots of fun instead of some pointless-ass gimmick.

Super thanks again to PJ, Greg, and the Slackjaw Crew who did this of their own volition and love of the craft. I think they’re onto something with their flash comics and we also told them that, depending on how much you guys liked it, we could talk about making more.

In the meantime, go check their comic out and learn what it might actually be like to be a household De-Animation Specialist. Chapter 15 begins on Monday, so we’ll see you then!