HAWM, Guildies! We have a very special and peculiar treat for you guys this week:

A bonus comic four years in the making!

I penned this little bonus story something like four years ago (shortly before Erica’s departure, I figure), back when our comic only had five protagonists, and it’s been kept in our vault as a sort of “rainy day” script… doesn’t get a whole Hell of a lot rainier than your ceiling flooding in! So anyway, we’ve tapped future legend/current superstar Joe Hunter to draw it for us, updating from now until the rest of the week, with Chapter 30 beginning on Monday!

This story was always meant to be the type that can fit in virtually anywhere in the chronology, but for continuity sticklers… let’s say this takes place sometime between chapters 6 and 7. Sound good? Good.

So, without further ado… please enjoy “Legends In A Hidden Temple!”