Truth be told, I should’ve published this story earlier in this recap, because according to Phil, it fits chronologically between Chapters 6 and 7. But oh, well, we’re not rerunning this stuff twice, so as Phil also used to say, dealwithit.gif.

This story was a Kickstarter reward for Razgril, who designed Isidro and won the right to have him appear in a Guilded Age bonus story. This tale originally appeared in the beginning of our print Volume 2.

Phil did this script, I had some edits, Phil rejected some. I wasn’t sure that the variation on “I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you if you believe that” would register as something that transfers between worlds, but it bothers me a lot less on rereading; I’m now inclined to follow Phil’s reasoning that as long as there are bridges and there are scammers… there’ll be some cheeky references to both.