So here’s the batch of notes we got about Isidro’s personality: Isidro seems to have a certain degree of ingenuity and innocence, and stares in wide eyed awe at the realms. He enjoys exploration and adventuring, and possesses a care-free, happy go lucky attitude towards life. He seems to get along with people from all walks of life, though he seems to follow a personal set of rules that only he seems to know of. Isidro is rather impatient and is a jokester, but never seems to get angry, or at least he hides it well. He likes poetry and singing, though he is not particularly gifted in either field.

He doesn’t usually hold grudges, and likes to treat people as if they were friends. More often than not, this ends well. He is rather loyal, though he is also known to weasel out of some deals he may find unsuitable or unsavory for his own tastes, but will apologize profusely or seek to make amends. Isidro does not care about preconceptions of good or evil, he prefers to measure people by their actions and intent.

Isidro also seems to be very knowledgeable about some general and even local things and matters, usually learnt from books, stories and gossip. He’s quite talkative once you get to know him, and is rather polite with strangers.

A lot of this we couldn’t use here simply because this story had to focus on Isidro, and that focus would be diluted if he were dealing with fellow thieves we were also introducing for him to play against. Still, some of it remained in our minds once he returned as a member of the “Kick-Backers.”