John does such a good job with that silent middle panel, stretching the moment as the wave of confusion washes over them.

There’s some healthy competition, but I think this struggle to reconcile ontological knowledge with empirical evidence is my favorite land shark moment, and it’s definitely my favorite that doesn’t involve Hammerhead.

This sequence improves on most if not all of Phil’s discarded ideas by forcing Isidro to think on his feet. Any elaborate plan he had to get in would have ultimately been more unwise than the thief’s simple policy of “try not to be seen.” Don’t outsmart yourself, y’know?

AWWWK! Guys, SPEAKING of outsmarting yourself, I screwed up BIG-TIME here by omitting a page in this rebroadcast. Thanks to the commenters who pointed out the confusing result. If you’ve already seen this page, skip back to yesterday’s.