Razgril: Isidro was born in Athkatla, during the year 137X. The Firstborn son of an Amnish nobleman and his mistress, Isidro has always led a comfortable and privileged life. He is the eldest of a cadre of brothers and sisters groomed to preserve and increase the family fortune and area of influence in Amn, though he also seemed to be the most carefree of them all. Isidro grew up learning the trade of the family, and with the stories of his parents’ adventures in the lands of the south, the Dalelands and the Moonsea. Because of this, a thirst for wandering and adventure was instilled in his heart from a young age, and this shaped up his way of life strongly.

Isidro learned to live outside the sheltered life of nobility on the insistence of his parents, as they themselves came from humble origins, and thus grew up relying on his wit and ability to sway people, or outright lie to them. This caught the eye of his father’s wife, whom deemed him a useful underling and introduced him to the local chapter of the Shadow Thieves of Amn (Guild Thief). Thus, Isidro learned the ropes of the underworld, the art of stealth and misdirection (areas in which he excels), and all things related to lawful and unlawful ways of profiteering. Despite some minor incidents where he’d end up in trouble with the local authorities, he grew up to value certain aspects of authority, though he considers himself beholden to his own personal set of conduct, which only he seems to know in its entirety.

Isidro decided that he would like to visit the lands where his parents met and lived during their younger years, and seek his own fortune before deciding if returning to Amn or branching out the family business to the southern lands once more would be more appropriate, and thus he’s left in a sabbatical journey to the south, in order to experience firsthand his own adventures and maybe, just maybe, outgrow the shadow of his own parents’ journeys.

Phil briefly considered making Isidro the son of a Head of House. Of the members we’ve seen, the one most likely to have once been an adventurer himself is Guildmaster Persson. And hey, there’s nothing in the text that now says Isidro isn’t his son…