FB: Best, that’s not what the “pathetic fallacy” actually means.

Check out panel 1’s heads of Syr’Nj, Frigg, and Gravedust leaning out of the door (in height order from top to bottom) to listen in on this conversation. That’s a very “Waltrip” touch, especially since he just leaves their expressions to our imagination.

There is one aspect of Byron here that does remind me of myself more than Flo: the social idealism. The feeling that “Hey, this is how it should all work. We have our own subculture, with its own rituals, and it promotes the things we believe in.” That idea is encoded into a lot of my work, in one way or another. And as Flo and I started to close the book on Guilded Age’s holiday stories, it was worth revisiting the whole concept of Axemas and breaking it down into a similar values statement.