So apparently the characters you create in this game can just… ship themselves, get married and have babies, who grow into school-age kids before your eyes? I guess they don’t really need us to create any more virtual characters at this point, do they? Maybe they’ve already taken over social media. When I worry about mechanical self-replication, I tend to think grey goo, not avatars having avatar babies.

Frigg and Best. They’re the series’ most sexually fluid stars and they’ve demonstrated their sexual compatibility more than once. But in the early days of the strip, neither of them were the settling-down kind, and the more sensitive and vulnerable Best of later days was not a good match for the still-crass Frigg.

Still, I guess it’s not the most unlikely ship between major characters I could imagine (if we’re limiting ourselves to ships that could produce biological offspring, that’d probably be Carol and Gravedust).

That toothy grin of Frigg’s and the way Grace here replicates it is probably the visual highlight of Tomodachi Age.