Despite what Magda says later, I think that if Iver had stopped talking here, this plan of his would’ve had a decent chance of working. At the very least, he deserves kudos for seeing what was going to happen between Harky and Penk, well before Penk himself did.

He’s basically saying, “You want to save your friend, I want Harky gone. You can make both those things happen without anybody knowing it’s you or calling Penk a cheat. And I’ll back your play if you do.”

So picture how it might’ve gone if Iver had restrained himself here, and had he also not tried to make the Penk-Harky fight about himself when it happened. Penk and Harky go at it, Harky seems to have the upper hand… and then the Earth half-swallows him and Penk finishes him off. Because Magda is fully committed to the movement Penk is now spearheading, as well as to Penk himself. Penk casts around with his own connection to Tectonicus and immediately knows the truth: this victory was not fully his… and Iver can make an issue of that, if Penk ever gives him reason to delegitimize him as troll leader and Rebellion commander.

It’s a pretty good plan! Now, strap in for the part where he goes too far and fucks it up beyond all recovery!