You will, I expect, permit us one day of celebration between chapters. And if you haven’t already, the previews above and below should nudge you to check this out! Go ahead and click, I’m just going to spend the rest of today’s annotation thanking people.

To Jason and John Waltrip, who have spent a big chunk of their careers bringing my crazy dreams to life, and lent this one their beautiful sense of plot and character as well as visuals. To Monica Marier, who soon joined us as colorist and demonstrated just how much storytelling could go into that role. The four of us have made a rich layer cake of this narrative. But we’ve been further aided by my wife Janice Campbell, who serves as first audience for the story, logistical advisor, and script doctor. And also by Tyler Beckett, a colorful, insightful, and nurturing editor who saw a few offhand remarks in these very annotations and sparked their transformation into a career-altering project. Thanks also to Webtoon, for offering a contract that made it realistic to develop that project, and of course, to any brave soul who actually reads this story and thus brings it to life. (Hey! That’s you!)