It’s kind of sad that we will never see Bibli’Oh and Syr’Nj interact on panel, given what she says about him here. But if Faereksch’Nj’s “be back by sundown” is any indication of Syr’Nj’s library habits, they’ve probably spent a lot of time together we haven’t seen.

Obviously, we’re (and maybe Syr’Nj is) skipping over a lot in this account of her early years. Though the sting of his defeat here would probably make Gr’Zl less thrilled about chasing her in the future, the ‘Zls and the ‘Njs wouldn’t give up on this match completely for a while after this, as Chapter 17 will show. (“The course of true love always has a few knotted roots in it, my boy!”) And her rift with her father, present but unvoiced here (“Of course, Daddy!”), would gradually widen until she was ready to leave home as she did in “Call of Duty.” But by then, she had something to work toward, which was better than submission or directionless, reflexive resistance.

I suspect Syr’Nj calling the book Travels was a nod to Gravedust’s My Travels rather than a coincidence or theft. It’s certainly not like she couldn’t invent another title.

(Geez, that means the publication of Travels is probably the last thing to happen in the entire Guilded Age timeline, maybe many years after the end of Chapter 50. What a sobering thought.)