Some of you may have seen me up on stage at a Super Art Fight during your local convention. I hope you enjoyed such a show, and my super arts, because we’ve got the first book put together by our ragtag group of scribblin’ misfits.

Super Art Fight: THE ART BOOK is going to contain tons of original art inspired by the Super Art Fight Wheel of Death, as well as original pieces and from all of us artists involved. There’ll also be show posters and behind the scenes stories. Backers can get prints, the book itself, an exclusive t-shirt, and even the original art from the book itself, including a piece by me featuring a gnome working on a boybot entitled “Building The Future”!

So while you’re patiently waiting for us to get the Guilded Age Volume 2 Kickstarter started (which I am now 100% committed to starting as soon as this one’s over), please consider throwing a few bucks at the SAF:TAB Kickstarter.