The cover story for the dwarves’ banishment from the Solates Mountains is the most blatant propaganda in this whole scroll, and this volume was written at a time when the dwarves weren’t even enemy combatants. Gravedust’s doodles and offhand remarks had already left the reader some hints about the real reasons for that relocation.

Choice comment by Fren: ” At first, we contempleted having the Gnomes engineer a few staircases and lifting systems. However, upon further consideration, it was decided that the Dwarves would merely drink themselves into a frenzy and destroy all attempts at assistance. As a humanitarian measure, we assisted their race with relocation, partially funded by harvesting deposits of ore located within formerly Dwarven lands.”

On the other hand, even the usually condescending text can’t hide Phil’s strong affinity for gnomes and their affinity for machinesmithing. Hey, what nerd hasn’t stared off into nothing and concentrated on an idea of theirs for a few minutes? At least now we can pretend to be looking at our phones.