Jokes about nursery rhymes and internet forums aside, we clearly had only a vague idea of trolls-in-general at this point and even less of an idea how gnolls would develop over the course of the series. But the commentary about orcs is pretty forward-looking, not only of us but of this children’s scroll author, who seems to have an eye toward hoped-for future “relations” as well as current ones.

It’s a pretty big stretch that Harky is rendered in this scroll instead of just some rando troll, but maybe Ardaic has had those spy drawings of him for a while. (Hmmm, so what is Harky’s “first appearance?” Is it the last page of the chapter where we saw a drawing of his face, the first time we see him in the flesh, or right here, where we see him rendered from top to toe just as the Peacemakers are?)