7) Giving yourself a title that advertises your greatest shame like “Klark the Kleptomaniac” or “Ian the Impotent” is:

A) A healthy way of getting out in front of the problem B) A sign you need immediate therapy C) Just good #branding, it’s more memorable and any publicity’s better than none D) Slightly contrived foreshadowing, to be honest E) HUUUAAAAGHHH

8) The race most dangerous to face in combat is:

A) Trolls, with their constant regeneration B) Land sharks, with their single-minded omnivorousness C) Humans, with their devious minds D) Gods, with their addictive memes E) A relay race, because all the runners will trample you

9) Create alliterative titles for the following party members: Harvard the ____ (a medic), Josephine the ____ (notably fair-minded), and Quentin the ____ (always adventuring)

10) Essay: Defend Gastonia from mean words the World’s Rebels might use to describe it. Be sure to cite your sources.