I can see the spirit of the original question: Madam Arfa might worry if someone other than herself had too much power and sway over the fortunes of her people. The Champion of the Fuzzy Peoples is an old title, and it could confer some improper political power onto a Tr Iver-like personality. Not so much that he’d be a real threat to the pack alpha without a lot more work, but enough to pose a political problem.

Fortunately, Auraugu is about as far from that as you get. He revels in the spotlight, but he has no desire to administrate and plenty of respect for those who do.

There are some blanks in Arfa’s account of the history of the Fuzzy Peoples that she probably wouldn’t have filled in even if we had more scenes with her. How did the tourney go from multiple races competing to just one race competing? “We hunted them all,” she admits elsewhere, but was that strictly out of aggression, the limits of other resources, or did the race that considers itself the predator at times become the prey? No matter what the answer is, Madam Arfa would rather not go into it.