Year four! Fr’Nj is here, Fr’Nj and Scipio are a thing, and this whole cover design is sweet and relationshippy, with nods to Fr’Ipio, Byr’Nj, and E-Frigg. (Frigg’s interest in E-Merl was at a brief peak at around this point: it would soon drop to barely-detectable levels until the finale.) Biggest Scipio smile ever? Probably!

The central relationship, though, is that between the two sisters, and I’m always grateful for the chance to show their bond in its drama-free moments.

While the alt text is another Fr’Ipio bit, a couple of the article titles (“Questers’ Insurance” and “Potion Recall”) reflect the changing political realities we were getting into at that point.

In the spirit of Sports Illustrated, a few stats: E-Merl is currently the most-featured member, having appeared on three covers (all but the first). He will maintain this lead until Byron, Frigg, and Syr’Nj all tie that total with issue #7. Fr’Nj, Rachel, and Best are the only Peacemakers who appear on only one cover.