This was a really cool concept of John’s that I almost wish we’d had room to turn into a story. Maybe if we’d followed through on the sixty-chapter plan, our heroes would’ve been fugitives long enough, and WAV would’ve stayed WAV long enough, that they could take “refuge” in WAV’s homeworld for a bit. That’d be kind of a desperate move, though, considering the population of Corruptor Beasts, Berserker Demons, and likely other horrors. There’s a reason Hurricane Studios didn’t name the game Escape to Cyberia.

Interesting that E-Merl is weaponless here, since these solid-light constructs are closer to magic than they are to anything else in Arkerra. Maybe he just has the powered rings and jewels that we’re not in a great position to see.

This went up onto the site at the same time that Flo and I, along with Flo’s then-girlfriend, were arriving at the Waltrips’ house to sign and pack up as many of our “Friggstarter” orders as possible. That was a good time (a super busy time, but a good time)… one that I’ve already mentioned on this site, but somewhat obliquely.