Nice finish. Simple gag, quick resolution, and Morbundi’s last words are natural for him to say, amusing, and lead directly into the next scenes, wherein we find out who these people even are.

Given his powers and his scenery-chewing, Morbundi might’ve seemed like the sort of villain who’d stick around in one form or another for a while, but his name is an anagram for “moribund,” which more or less means “about to die,” so we didn’t really design him with permanence in mind.

The chapter title “Five for Fighting” is my favorite chapter title in the entirety of Guilded Age, even though it did not mesh with the gaming-reference theme that Phil and I (Phil primarily, after a while) would hit pretty consistently after this. Unless you consider hockey to be gaming, and hey, I guess there are hockey video games, so sure. TBH, the band was the only reason I knew the phrase; I didn’t really get to know the sport until I married a fan of it a couple of years ago. (C-A-P-S, Caps Caps Caps!)