I mean, I guess “playing with fire” is a pun? If you read it in its purely figurative sense? But Frigg, you literally JUST MADE A PUN ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE. “He’s a ‘mouth.’ ‘Going down.'” We were all there.

Frigg’s pun-aversion was somewhere in our original design notes for the character, and this is… you guessed it… its first and last appearance. I’m reasonably sure I knew why we put it in: we knew that Guilded Age was going to do the pun thing now and again (I mean, look at the names of the main characters, for God’s sake) so we thought Frigg reacting badly to that would add a little extra amusement value, whether or not you enjoyed the puns themselves.

We didn’t make a conscious decision to drop it, but I think working with Frigg for about eight pages was enough time to subconsciously realize that she didn’t need any weirdly specific dislikes to provoke her into being prickly. She was already prickly about almost everything, practically all the time.

Gravedust and Syr are getting a lot closer to clicking here, though. His first line here still makes me chuckle.